17. Senior @ WMHS.
better than you.
sugar motta is the name, adorable is the game.
i'm pretty fabulous, if you couldn't already tell,
and here is where you can ask me all the questions you're just dying to know. other then being absolutely adorable, i have a real knack for fashion, which i will be putting to good use after i graduate and start attending the school of fashion at parsons in the beautiful new york city.
"got a figure like a pinup, got a figure like a doll. don’t care if you think i’m dumb, i don’t care at all. candy bear sweetie pie, wanna be adored. i’m the girl you’d die for."

sugitty 1x1
sselinakyles whispered:

Oh, if you don't have a date for Valentines, I would love to have you as mine. :)

That’s so sweet!


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